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After graduating at Develsteincollege in 2014 I started at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.
In the first year of studying Applied Computer Science I’ve got mine First-Year Transcript.

Beside my education I’m working as a cashier and shop assistant at a local supermarket. I’m working as peercoach at my university and lastly I love making websites for small companies.


My job is to help first-year students with problems they encounter in their first year. As a second-year student I understand the problems they may have. With skills like active listening and probing questions I try to help the student the best I can. Problems first-year students may encounter are: difficulties with subjects, difficulties with planning of homework and getting around at the university.


My job is to operate the cash-register and to Assist customers in locating specific items.
On Saturdays I’m assisting at other areas of the supermarket, cleaning-up and helping with shelf-stocking.


In my spare time I’m designing several website for small companies like autogarages and driving schools 

For more information about my education and career, please visit my LinkedIn page

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